Hand Carved Native Jewelry

Darlene Lind has been doing bead work for many years She started by doing parka trim in Athabaskan style full bead work for each of her three daughters given to them on parkas at their high school graduations.

Her interest in ivory started when she picked up a piece of her husband’s ivory and decided he should carve her some simple shapes for her to bead around.  In (2002) she picked up her husband’s ivory carving tools and began carving. Soon she was creating jewelry.  She also began to experiment with baleen scrimshaw, making winter scenes, summer landscapes and flowers. Some times she will add a carved ivory rose to her baleen flower designs. 

The semi-precious stones and beads that surround her pieces reveal Darlene’s keen eye for color.  Her love of flowers, especially roses, lends a Victorian air to her jewelry. In her bead work, she can range from incorporating her carved ivory pieces with simple bead work to exclusive one of a kind pieces with combinations of carved flowers sometimes adding her style of Alaskan Athabaskan bead embroidery, in a way that is recognized as uniquely Darlene.


Darlene Lind Necklaces