Traditional Alaska Native Art

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Alaskan Native Artists Peter and Darlene Lind

Alaskan Native artists Peter and Darlene Lind are husband and wife artists. Although their journeys to becoming artists have been different, their paths are side by side. Together they have researched extensively their Aleut/Alutiiq Culture. Their knowledge and connection to their culture, has become the centerpiece of their artwork.

Peter Lind Sr. began his journey as a young artist in 1937 at the age of seven in Chignik Lagoon, Alaska.  When he first picked up a piece of alder wood to whittle. Today he is an accomplished artist with artwork in galleries and private collections nationally and internationally. His main mediums are ivory, baleen, and woodwork. His preferred medium is in traditional weaponry, hunting accessories and wood visors. Peter has taught his visor hat making skills in classroom settings and workshops to both youths and adults drawing from his extensive knowledge of the Alaska Native traditional arts. Peter’s main artwork has been on producing three styles of wood visors, the closed crown Chief hat, open crown visor and the beginner’s hunting visor. “Each visor is skillfully formed in respect to the Aleut/Alutiiq culture, its heritage and traditional customs.

Darlene began her journey as an artist in her thirties when she first beaded the trim on three custom made parkas for her daughters with flower embellishments as graduation gifts. Her handiwork is beaded jewelry, accented with freshwater pearls, gemstones, crystals, with gold or silver accents, and beaded regalia headdresses.

Darlene’s preferred medium is shaping clay into finished bronze sculptures representing the rich heritage and cultural expression of Alaska’s indigenous peoples. Her art pieces are displayed in corporate, private and public collections.

Pelagia Melgenak Monument Unveiling

Authentic Alaska Aleut / Alutiiq Native Art

Chief Visors

Norton Sound Visor 600×400

These hand carved Aleut visors are made in the traditional way. They represent the rich history and importance of the hunter among the Alaska Native people.


Bronze Sculptures

Alaska Native Bronze Sculptures 600×400

These sculptures are not only magnificent, but also represent the heritage, traditions, and pride of the Alaskan Native people.


Native Kayaks

Hand Carved Alaska Native Kayak 600×400

The native kayak was essential to the native people of Alaska. It not only connected them to the world around them, but also to the ocean that provided so many necessary items for life.


Hand Made Jewelry

Alaska Native Jewelry 600×400

Beautiful beaded jewelry with hand carved ivory, baleen and precious stones.


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